Computer repair, network set up and custom webistes just to name a few

Provide advice on everything from overall Information Technology strategy – including what to house internal versus in the cloud, to the type of technology and functionality needed within IT and business environments to achieve objectives by using technology more efficiently. We also help improve profit margins and get a higher return on technology investments. We can serve as a bridge between your technical team and staff members who make use of the technology. Please contact us for more info Click Here
We offer computer repair and infrastructure support to keep all your systems up and running. We set up and maintain networks, routers, servers, (Linux and Windows) desktops, (Windows and Mac) printers and other peripherals. We also support for software whether it be QuickBooks, MS Office, or any other custom application you need to run your business. We have reasonable rates and offer managed service contracts for continues monitoring and maintenance. Please contact us for more info Click Here
From a static website to a blog we can get your responsive site up and running worry free. We take the time to talk to our clients and ask questions to deliver exactly what they need. We have SAAS options available to sell your product on-line and can develop custom software applications for B2B websites that can be fully integrated with Ariba and PeopleSoft. Anything you can imagine we can do. Please contact us for more info Click Here
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The Great Antivirus Debate

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What is the best Antivirus/Malware/Root Kit application to use that will protect my Windows system but won’t bring my system to a crawl? This is something I have been dealing with for decades now. There is no correct answer, this is my opinion and it works for me. A long, long, long time ago I […]


Windows 10 with Avast

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I had a few clients having serious problems with Windows 10. In task manager the disk usage would be pegged at 100% and the system would be unusable. I did a search to see if other people were having the same issue and sure enough they were. There are a bunch of answers on the […]


Keyless vehicles are a security risk

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What is scary about this is the equipment to pull it off is becoming cheaper to get. A lot of people are wrapping the FOB in tinfoil to block it from transmitting and receiving. You can also get a Faraday Bag for $10.99 on Amazon. Not sure how well they work yet. “https://mashable.com/2017/11/28/protect-your-car-wireless-relay-attack/#0Gbd3rhEmgqJ>